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New to Salesforce

Salesforce is currently having a tremendous global impact and by 2022 the IDC (International Data Corporation) predicts that the Salesforce economy could create around 50,000 jobs in the APAC Region.

SaaSpeople strives to ensure that if you want to be a part of this economy we can guide you towards the right training, certifications and career opportunities.

Having been focused purely on growing the APAC Salesforce community and building career opportunity for over 6 years we can offer access to over 12,000 organisations who are currently using 1 or more Salesforce related products.

If you are new to Salesforce and wish to explore career opportunities please get in contact for a simple, honest, productive conversation. We would love to share our wealth of knowledge.

In tandem we advise you immerse yourself in the following;


SaaSpeople are huge advocates of Trailhead. It is a fantastic way to not only gain the foundational knowledge required to navigate the Salesforce platform but to also hone your skills and learn new areas of the product suite as it evolves.

If you are someone who has been a user of Salesforce and now wants to start the journey to become a certified Administrator, a Java developer who wants to learn Apex/Visualforce to become a fully fledged Salesforce Developer, or if you are completely new to Salesforce but have heard what amazing career opportunities it can offer, then Trailhead is the platform to enable you to reach your goals!

Salesforce certifications

If you are serious about becoming a Salesforce professional we strongly advise you take your Salesforce certifications. We have seen how competitive the market has become over the last few years and to be able to verify your knowledge with a Salesforce certification is fantastic

Depending on the career path you wish to take Salesforce offer different certifications which also fall in line with the trails offered through trailhead. Think Administrator, Developer, Consultant, Architect, find your niche and take control.

Salesforce Community Groups

Salesforce Community groups provide networking environments to both aid technical and functional discussion along with general Salesforce chatter. If you wish to meet experienced Salesforce professionals ask questions and get an understanding of what’s really going on in the Salesforce community we definitely recommend you get involved in your local User or Meet Up Groups.

If you see Stuart or Will at a user group please say hello, we love meeting anyone who is interested in Salesforce and it would be our pleasure to meet you also.