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Salesforce Professional

If you are a Salesforce skilled professional in the APAC region the chances are we know you already. Whether this is the case or not please feel free to give us a call to discuss any of the following;

Current openings or exploratory conversations with

  • Salesforce Implementation Partners and System Integrators
  • Salesforce ISV’s and App Vendors (Core Salesforce skills not required)
  • Salesforce Customers

SaaSpeople proudly boasts access to over 12,000 organisations in the APAC region who either utilise Salesforce products or operate within the Salesforce Ecosystem, we are confident that we can source an opportunity that aligns with your career goals and aspirations and we love learning your story.

Career advice & Community introductions

We take pride in not simply discussing current job opportunities with candidates who are ‘active’ in the market. A hugely important part of our service is taking the time to understand what the longer term career aspirations and objectives are of candidates who are not necessarily looking for an immediate change. We love getting to know people’s stories and in turn can offer our advice on what could be next for you now, or down the track. We take pride in this approach and in how it cultivates such close relationships with our network.

Wherever possible, we are always happy to make introductions to our network too. If there is someone out there who you see as a possible mentor, if you’re curious about an individual’s Salesforce journey, or if you’re interested in exploring working for a particular organisation, we love making introductions over a coffee.

SaaSpeople Stuart Smith

My aim is to meet everyone who wants to be involved in the APAC Salesforce Ecosystem. Hit me up and let’s get acquainted.